I have recently started doing sketches again.  Having grown up drawing and originally planning to do Illustration at Art School so I could call myself 'an artist', (before discovering that there was thing called Graphic Design that came with a more secure monthly salary!) my primary focus had been painting and illustration.

Since I moved into Digital I have ceased to do any sketches/drawings/paintings of any kind, in fact I realised that the last time I attended a life drawing session was over 7 years ago! I decided that I wanted to start up again; especially now that I had an iPad Pro and Pencil that I have on me on a regular basis.

These were quick speed sketches that I drew using a life drawing reference site - http://reference.sketchdaily.net .  They are really rough and I need to brush up again but it was great to do it.  I forgot how at peace I am when I draw. 

Outcome of this 'experiment': I have set myself a 'Sketch-a-day' personal challenge and see where it take me.  I might post more pictures as the old skills return.